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CFC Healthcare Furnishing Solutions

CFC Healthcare is dedicated to staying at the forefront of manufacturing technology. Exceptional quality and service demand the latest in equipment and technology and we constantly update both. Integrated computer design and production allows us to meet your most demanding requirements. Through production flexibility and individual customer care, Corilam is committed to furnishing solutions for your business.

CFC Healthcare Geneva Dining Chairs and Tables
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Industries Served

With over 40 years of manufacturing excellence, CFC Contract Solutions is capable of providing the highest quality laminated products to serve any need!

We Provide Solutions for:

  • Commercial Furniture Industry
  • Office Environments
  • Educational Markets
  • Medical Centers and Healthcare Providers
  • Laboratories
  • Banking and Trading Markets
  • Dental and Physician Offices
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Architectural and Design Community

Quality Statement

Committed to Continuous Improvement and Customer Satisfaction!

In order to provide the highest level of service & exceptional products, CFC Healthcare Solutions follows a comprehensive and detailed Quality System.  Using the latest technology, order & design details are carefully tracked & monitored throughout the production process. Our objectives are to reduce & eliminate defects whenever possible, to constantly improve on-time performance & provide leading edge product solutions to our customers.

Our Quality Process Includes:

  • Beginning at Order Entry, all orders and documentation are carefully identified & tracked.
  • Our Engineers carefully review & customer provided drawings, specifications & documentation.
  • Internal drawings & specifications are created highlighting critical dimensions.
  • Machine operators review tolerances at each step in the production process to ensure accuracy.
  • Prior to shipment, each product is given a final review & quantities are closely monitored.

Producing quality components and assemblies is no accident.  It is the product of a carefully designed production system coupled with the latest technology & a very experienced staff including Customer Service, Design Engineers, Skilled Craftsmen & Quality Managers.

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